ADCN - Polaroid Collaboration

In the advertising industry, it’s easy to start living in our own bubbles. While it’s important that we not only stay within our own field, but we explore what other creative minds are out there.

A collaboration with various professions can result in an unexpected and different way to communicate.

To me, this is the answer to what the future of creative communications looks like. The ADCN showcased selected points of view, captured in polaroids during the ADCN Talent Expo at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.


ADCN Talent Expo

This work was presented at the ADCN Talent Expo at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. It was mentioned as impressive, an example of creativity of the future and a work you should definitely see at the exhibition.

American Society for Microbiology (Nomination)

The photo that was made in collaboration with food microbiologist Rijkelt Beumer was also a finalist at the American Society for Microbiology.

Created by: Melanie Schaap

Special thanks to:

Food microbiologist: Rijkelt Beumer

Chefs: Restaurant de Markies

Artist: Adriaan van der Veer

Illustrator: Wessel Beumer

Guitarplayer: Samuel Veerhuis

Metal workers: metal workshop at the Willem de Kooning Academy

Doctor: Nico van Hasselt | The oldest practicing doctor of the Netherlands

Children's book writer: Felicia Spans

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