The Synetorium

How can we let people re-experience non-contemporary art in a new way? It all starts with how art makes us feel. We decided to let people see art in a whole different way, by well... not having them use their eyes, but their ears instead.

We translated visual art into auditory masterpieces. What does the face of Rembrandt sound like? How silent is van Gogh’s starry night really?

To accurately turn these masterpieces into sounds, we collaborated with someone with Chromesthesia (this is a neurological phenomenon where a combination of the senses takes place. Chromesthesia is a version where the person can actually see sounds) and a composer. Together they brought these masterpieces to life.

Xavier van Erck - Chromesthesia (color vs. sound) overview

In the video you can see which color is connected to which sound. In the next video you can hear the whole music piece that was created.

Creative: Melanie Schaap

Chromesthesia: Xavier van Erck

Music: Saman Krielaart

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